Brooke Boertzel

  • Voice, film and theatre actor

  • Professionally trained singer

  • Playwright/Songwriter

  • Educator

Voice Acting 

Empty Arms   /   Narrator   /   Audiobook   /

Guam Telephone Authority   /   Spokesperson   /   Radio/Television Commericals

Americorps & Northeast Education   /   Narrator   /   Training Video

Baconkid   /   Baconkid   /   Animated Short Cartoon   /

The Buzz About Bee   /   Bee   /   Educational Video

True Office Applications   /   Multiple Characters   /   Animated Training Software

The Gutbomb Burger   /   Eileen   /   Animated Short Film

The Ballad of Stuggy and Takamoto   /   Narrator & Stuggy   /   Short Film

Oona, Inez and the Moon   /   Narrator, Oona & Inez   /   Short Film

Producing   /   Writing   /   Directing


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Empty Arms: A Novel   /   Audiobook   /    Narrator & Producer

Available on Audible, iTunes and Amazon


BaconKid: Frydive   /   Animated Series   / Assistant Producer 


Gutbomb Burger   /   Animated Short   / Assistant Producer


My City Park   /   Interactive Children’s Musical   /   Writer & Producer 


Alice’s Story   /   Anti-bullying Performance   / Writer, Director, Producer

Nationally recognized anti-bullying program, featured on the cover of Time Magazine for Kids


Alice's Story: Activty Guide   /   Eduational Resource Guide   /   Writer


If You Really Love Polar Bears   /  Children’s Musical   /     Writer & Producer


Fair and Square   /   Children’s Theatre Performance   /    Writer & Producer 


Frida   /   Children's Musical   /   Songwriter & Producer


No, Seriously Tell Me...   ./   Podcast Creator   /   Producer 2014 

(Currently in production- Episode 1: To Procreate or Not to Procreate: You Know the Rest...)




MFA   /   Acting   /   Actors Studio Drama School

MA   /   Educational Theatre   /   NYU

BS   /   Creative Writing   /   Northern Michigan University


In the Past   /   Mary   /   Lazarus Productions

No Exit   /   Inez   /   NYU Graduate Student Film

Long Walk in the Grass   /   Femal Lead   /   NYU Graduate Student Film

Heart of Stone   /   Mother   /   NYU Graduate Student Film

Spirits Shall Fly   /   Clara   /   Provincetown Playhouse

Some Historic, Some Hysteric   /   Icon   /   New Stage Theatre Company

Operation Knockout   /   Hera & Claude   /   NYC International Fringe Festival

First Ladies   /   Angel   /  New  Stage Theatre Company

Rosemary with Ginger   /   Ginger   /   Actors Studio Theatre

Possibilities   /   Girl & Woman   /   Actors Studio Theatre

Serge and the Setting Sun    /   Sarah   /   D.A.P Theatre Company

All Four One (The Clay Pot Bloom)   /   Mary   /   D.A.P Theatre Company

The Jewish Wife   /   Judith Keith   /   Actors Studio Theatre

The Dreamer Examines His Pillow   /   Donna   /   Actors Studio Theatre

The Fiddler on the Roof   /   Tzietel   /   Forest Roberts Theatre

Fifth of July   /   Gwen Landis   /   Forest Roberts Theatre

All in the Timing (Sure Thing)   /   Betty   /   Forest Roberts Theatre

Edgar   /   Nicoletta   /   Forest Roberts Theatre

The Crucible   /   Mercy Lewis   /  Forest Roberts Theatre

Belle Reprieve   /   Stanley   /  Northern Michigan Black Box Theatre

A View from the Bridge   /   Catherine   /   The Little Theatre Company

The Boy Next Door   /   Sheila   /   The Little Theatre Company

The Boyfriend   /   Maisy   /   University of Guam Theatre

Oliver   /   Bet   /   University of Guam Theatre

Training & Workshops

Acting for the Camera NYU Graduate Film Private Workshops:  Boris Frumin, Milcho Manchevski, Joseph A. Warfield, Peter Bogdanovich


Master Theatre Classes:  Arthur Penn, Peter Bogdonovich, Harvey Keitel, Jerry Lewis, Stephan Lang, Lee Grant, Jackie Knapp, Joie Lee, Anne Waxman (Alexander Technique)


Theatre Training:  Lloyd Richards, Susan Aston, Sam Schacht, Gene Lasko, Carlin Glynn, Jack Gelber


Voice Training:  Nova Thomas, Gregory Lamar, Anat Fort, Steve Harris


Dance Training:  Alvin Ailey Dance Studios (Martha Graham, Horton Technique, Tap, Jazz, Ballroom, Modern Improvisation)